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This Ramsay Enrichment Scholarship Program (RESP) is comprised of two components: the Scholarship Program and the Enrichment Program.

Scholarship Program.

Qualified Jamaican high school graduates selected to benefit from the Scholarship Program:

  • Will receive financial assistance to help cover the costs of attending college in the U.S. (e.g. tuition, books, room/board, testing fees, etc.)

  • Will receive guidance pertaining to the application process, scholarship applications, and financial process for the I-20 applications (the form required when applying for a U.S. student visa).

  • Will have financial need and strong academic backgrounds.

  • May work to attain a degree in any chosen field.

  • The scholarship program will be supported and sponsored by RESP.

  • RESP will work in collaboration with high schools to select students who meet the qualifications.

To qualify for the Scholarship Program, students must attend school full-time and meet the following criteria:


  • Be a resident and a citizen of Jamaica.

  • Have attended high school in Jamaica (grade 7–11). Students can also have completed grades 12 and 13 at a Jamaican high school.

  • Write an essay demonstrating how they will contribute to the development of Jamaica after the completion of their degree.

  • Scholarship recipients may be considered to receive the award for up to four years for undergraduate programs provided they maintain a 3.25 grade point average.

Enrichment Program.

The Enrichment Program will:

  • Work to offer students the opportunity to participate in educational enrichment programs in Jamaican high schools at no additional cost to the students.

  • Allow students to meet their high school educational goal of successfully passing the Caribbean Examination Council, which is required for gaining acceptance into any college educational program in Jamaica.

  • Introduce the sixth form (Grade 12 & 13) students to preparation for the SAT exams.

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